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What is Fromm Daily?

What is Fromm Daily?

Listen to the trailer here to find out.

Take a listen to the Fromm Daily Trailer here. Fromm Daily officially launches Monday, February 20, 2023.


Hi there! How are ya? I’m Lacey Delayne, host of the Fromm Daily podcast. Glad to have you here, yaay that you are interested enough to check out the trailer! Let me tell you a little more about my baby here, so you can decide if you’d like to give one of my 15 minute episodes a listen.

In my daily short-form podcast, I give listeners a little dose of Erich Fromm’s writing, where he describes why society is sick, and encouragement on their personal growth journey.

Who’s Erich Fromm, you might ask? Well, he was a German-born American psychoanalyst and sociologist who lived from 1900-1980.  

He made some bold claims- society is sick, individuals are living on autopilot, we have turned ourselves into things, we value the dead more than the living, we no longer really feel. That may seem extreme, but, his writing gives details about the connection between the conclusions he made and the environment we are living in.

Fromm’s studies focused on the intersection of psychology and society. He wrote a lot about how the individual’s well-being is influenced by its environment, and the challenges of modern western culture on meeting the needs of the human beings within it. 

Basically, he proposed that our current societal structure causes things that are vital for our health and well being to fall by the wayside.  

Along with my commentary on what he has written, I share the ways I see it applying to everyday life. I share how it overlaps with current events, modern lifestyle patterns, and other great thinker’s writings. 

I also share an encouragement that relates to mental health and emotional well being, based on my own personal growth experiences and what I learned from a highly impactful four years of focused work with a life changing non-directive therapist. 

Fromm’s writings have been mentioned in multiple New York Times best selling books, including those of Dr. Gabor Mate and bell hooks, among others, as his ideas have resurfaced in popularity as of late. His bestselling book, The Art of Loving, sold more than a million copies.

I am not an academic, and you certainly don’t need to be to participate with me on Fromm Daily. I present his writings, and my ideas, in a very casual, passionate manner. I hope it to be an enjoyable and relatable listen for general audiences. 

Monday through Thursday episodes are for free subscribers and can be found at my substack on, as well as through typical podcast outlets like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Friday content is for paid subscribers, and includes the Friday Fromm Daily episode, in which I share more vulnerably about personal experiences as they relate to the themes of the podcast. Fridays also include a Personal Growth Support Group, hosted by yours truly, at 10am Eastern time, as well as a weekly how to blog post that shares tangible ways to incorporate the themes from the podcast into your daily life. 

For more information about myself or Fromm Daily, visit and subscribe to my Substack at

Thanks again, and I hope you’ll join me for a fifteen minute episode of Fromm Daily. 

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Fromm Daily
Fromm Daily
Why society is sick, in the words of Erich Fromm. And a daily encouragement on your personal growth journey.
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