What is Fromm Daily?

Fromm Daily is a fifteen minute daily podcast and ensuing Substack community. The podcast gives listeners encouragement in their personal growth journey and exposure to the writings of social philosopher Erich Fromm. The Substack provides engagement with myself and other listeners twice weekly, via Substack Chats and a Zoom-based Personal Growth Support Group.

Fromm said that society is sick. I agree, and I am passionate about sharing his ideas on that theme, as well as providing you with encouragement on your personal growth journey. That is, encouragement in the sphere of personal growth, mental health and emotional awareness. In the podcast, I share personal experiences that relate both to Fromm’s writings and the themes around my encouragement. Via Substack, I post a weekly self-help blog in alignment with the themes of the podcast.

Why Subscribe?

I want to help you in your personal growth journey and share Erich Fromm’s life changing ideas. Having read what he has written has changed my life for the better, and I believe hearing it can for you too.

Subscribers are notified when episodes are released and have access to a community of like minded individuals. Beyond that, the benefits of both paid or free subscriptions are listed below.

Paid Subscribers:

  • Weekly Friday Personal Growth Support Group, 10am ET via Zoom

  • Weekly Friday “How to” blog post giving tangible advice to help you progress in your personal growth journey

  • Access to Friday Fromm Daily Episodes

  • Access to Fromm Daily archive (episodes more than 6 weeks old)

  • All the benefits listed below for free subscribers

Free Subscribers:

  • Monday through Thursday Fromm Daily episodes

  • Weekly Wednesday Substack Chat at 10am ET

About Lacey Delayne

Lacey Delayne is a passionate supporter of many of Erich Fromm’s ideas. She hopes to see modern society evolve to truly accommodate the needs of human beings.

The structure of current day society is failing us, she believes, and much evidence shows this fact. Whether it is gun violence in the USA, the high rates of anxiety and depression in many rich, developed countries, the isolation & loneliness so many feel, the decaying communal institutions, the blazing ineffeciency of modern bureaucracy, or the lack of respect for nature, there is much evidence that we could live healthier lives and actually be well.

Delayne has had multiple careers, including as a nanny with multiple families, an elementary school teacher in public schools, an events coordinator on a presidential campaign, a public relations manager in professional sports, and as a teacher in schools abroad.

Delayne is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and has previously lived in Guatemala. She currently resides in a small town in Andalucia, Spain with her best friend and life partner, Mo, in an effort to function as much as possible from the being mode of existence.

Delayne first co-hosted the Rethinking Humanity Podcast with Sonya Larrea.

For more information about Delayne, and to access links to past audio or video interviews with her, see the Interviews page.

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